FamilyLifeNWA Innovation: Add Your Own Calendar Events!

As promised, FamilyLifeNWA will continually innovate and evolve the site based on user feedback.

Recently, we have experienced an influx of businesses and individuals asking to add events to our interactive calendar. Adding events can take considerable time when we receive them in quantity as our team works to ensure we have ALL the relevant event information before we post on our site. This generally was handled through phone calls and emails we received via our contact form. Some end-users began to ask if there was a way to enter events into our calendar themselves. The wheels were then set in motion.

Great news! Today we locked our head developer in a room, ordered him a sub, and asked him to code a page where community members could input their own calendar events. Before the sub arrived, violà.

You can now add your own calendar events via a webpage that can be accessed three ways:

  1. Here on the page with this link.

  2. Within the calendar on the Home Page there is an "Add a Calendar Event HERE" link under the title (see image to right).

  3. In the footer of every page on FamilyLifeNWA, there is "Add Calendar Event" as an option.

We want to thank everyone so much for all the positive feedback. We have a number of other areas we are working to integrate based on your feedback, from new sections to better site functionality, so stay tuned for more exciting news!

Please note, all calendar events are put in an approval que and remain HIDDEN until approved by a member of's staff - so please do not enter events more than once as the approval process could take up to 24-48 hours depending on our workload. As part of that approval process, we will verify the event online. In the event we can't verify the event online or through the link you provide, we will reach out by phone or email if provided.

FamilyLifeNWA reserves the right on placement of any calendar events based on their relevance and appropriateness to the needs of our Northwest Arkansas family community.